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My brain has flatlined (if that were possible)


I have been trying to write an interesting blog post all day, but my brain has just died. I keep getting distracted by everything. Heck, I even cleaned my room! 

I promise I will post later, I am writing about suicide facts that are not well known, and need to be made known! My problem is that everywhere I look for data, there’s interesting stuff, but it all contradicts itself. So Im trying to gather it all up, so I can get the most accurate details.

On another note completely, I went out this morning, but my brain seems to think that day is night and night is day. So I’ve decided that I will try an idea I heard a while ago of how to get your sleeping cycle back into a normal rhythm.

The idea is, not to try and get to bed earlier and earlier each night (we all know that doesn’t work). But instead, keep going to bed, and waking up, later and later. You do this over a period of about 2 weeks, until you are back at sleeping in a normal pattern (such as 10 pm -7 am etc) 

This will, no doubt be very disruptful to my schedule, so i will have to minimise everything that’s not essential, and work around those things that are essential somehow.

I’m still in two minds about whether or not to go to this fill in social worker lady. I kind of don’t want to, but I probably need the support. But is seeing someone I don’t know from a bar of soap, and only once a fortnight, really going to help me? Or will it just aggravate things?